Natural medicine center

Purga Wasi is the center of Curandero Guillermo Ojanama. He's been working with plants for 60 years. He is very much known in the area for his skills and also for his humility. He decided to work with plants after he cured himself from a desease that modern medecine could not help. He is working with his son who has been learning with him since he is 10.

For his advanced age, his son Javier Ojanama is now taking care of the center and also the healing treatments.


The center

In Purga Wasi, we work with the most effictive plants to work on physical energetical and emotional levels.


Generally treatments starts with a purge of Yawarpanga that is taken during the day. It helps the body to eliminate toxins



The Ayahuasca is taken at night with the curandero in the maloca. The Ayahuasca is the master plant that connect with all other plants. It would be difficult to describe all benefits of this plants. It first works as a physical cleansing. It also work to balance body energy. Then it helps dealing with emotional issues as it allow us to see problem with different eyes it clarify the mind. Finally it conect us with spiritual levels and plant spirits.




Bachuja is a mix of 10 different plants. It strenthen body and bones. Fealing of courage and deep connection with nature.

Ushpawasha Sanango is the plant of affective memory. It connects with infancy and deep tauma. Also work on physical desease or inbalance.

Ajo sacha strenthen the immune defense. Help finding the deep identity. On spiritual level, burns negative energies.

Chiric Sanango is the plant of cold. Fight all fears. Enhanse self confidence.

Uchu Sanango is a fire plant. Wake up libido. Helps taking desicions

Ushpawasha Sanango

Ajo sacha

Chiric Sanango

Uchu Sanango


The Place

The center Purgawasi Is located in Chazuta, San Martin Province Peru. From the city we walk 20mn into the bush to get to the center. This environment is perfect to enjoy nature and work with plants.

In half an hour walk from the center you can get to the hot spring with natural hot sulfide water.

The center is also located next to the regional parc cordillera escalera.


Guillermo Ojanama

Javier Ojanama

Avenida Chazuta 216

Barrio San Pedro, Chazuta , Peru

+51 969495208

+51 930245780